Hello everyone,

Today I want to share my experiences with Meal prepping with you. I’ve never done meal prep. before and I just did it for fun. I was always really interested in what the positives and negatives were, so last Sunday I decided to do the Jon Venus Meal Prep. For all of you who do not know who he is, click the link above. He follows a vegan diet, does bodybuilding and is currently in a cut. His macros fit mine perfectly so I decided to just copy his meal prep. from start to finish.
Because he lives in Europe and uses the metric system, when I converted from grams to pounds, I might have been off by a couple grams.

My macros turned out to be:

  • 2688 kcal / day
  • 130 g PRO
  • 465 g CHO
  • 50 g FAT
  • 90g Fiber

The food was divided into three meals per day, as follows. The ingredients listed for every meal are per meal, so divid it by 5, the meal prep. lasted Monday through Friday, and you will have what you need for 1 meal.

Overnight Oats


  • 500g Bananas
  • 500g Oats
  • 500g Berries
  • 75g Protein Powder
  • 100g Flaxseeds
  • 1L Almond or Soy milk
  • 500ml Water

Overnight Oats are pretty self-explanatory. You mix the oats, flaxseeds, protein powder, bananas and berries together, and the night before you will add the liquids and put it in the fridge. The macros turned out to be as followed

  • 718 kcal / day
  • 115g CHO
  • 20g FAT
  • 25g PRO
  • 23g Fiber

Burrito Bowl


  • 500g Peppers
  • 1kg Broccoli
  • 500g Cabbage
  • 500g Onion
  • 500g Salsa
  • 250g Sweet Corn
  • 1.5kg Pinto Beans
  • 400g Rice

For lunch I had a burrito bowl. You cook the rice and veggies without any oil and add everything together at the end. Pretty simple. The macros turned out to be:

  • 790 kcal / day
  • 172g CHO
  • 2g FAT
  • 34g POR
  • 37g Fiber

Potato Curry


  • 1250g Sweet Potatoes
  • 1k canned tomatoes
  • 500g Onion
  • 1000 Tofu
  • 400g Coconut milk, full fat
  • 1000g Lentils

For dinner I had a potato, tofu curry. If you want to know how to cook and season it, click the link at the top and watch Jon Venus video. The macros turned out to be:

  • 1200 kcal / day
  • 175g CHO
  • 28g FAT
  • 69g PRO
  • 28g Fiber

My Thoughts

Again, this was my first time doing meal prep. In general I really liked it and I will quickly list the pros and cons, I experienced.


  • Never hungry, always full
  • Convenience, food is always ready
  • Overnight oats and curry tasted amazing
  • Awesome macros
  • LOTS of vitamins and minerals, everything you need
  • Overall increase in energy
  • Extremely good night sleep
  • Food for gains not only for cutting
  • Not that many dishes to wash on a daily bases


  • Took a long time to prep
  • Too much volume for me, more than full most of the time
  • WAY to high fiber intake for me (35g is recommended for men) Biggest Con
  • Burrito bowl got boring real fast

All in all, I really enjoyed this meal prep. There are definitely things I have to improve on my end, for example seasoning. What I really did not like was the extreme fiber intake. My body had difficulties handling that, I usually consume about 50g of fiber each day. I will for sure continue making overnight oats. I loved that my breakfast was ready in the morning the macros were amazing. The food kept me full for the whole day. Like I mentioned above, the burrito bowl got boring for me really really fast. I like the idea behind it, but broccoli in a burrito bowl did not make sense for me.
I would definitely recommend giving it a try. There are for sure more pros than cons and if you are cutting, this volume really is amazing and the macros are on point.
Let me know what you guys think!

I hope you enjoyed the post!