Hello everyone,

Last night I thought about that it might be interesting to write a Supplement 101 series, just like I am doing a Nutrition 101 series right now. My reason behind this is that I got screwed over multiple times in my first year of lifting, by supplement commercials or even the guy in my local supplement store. I think it really is important to know which supplements work and can be helpful and which should be avoided or are just a waste of money.
The series will be split up into different products and brands. I am planning on publishing 1 post of the series every week, just like I am doing with Nutrition 101 series.

The Hard Truth

Before we dive into each supplement and how it works and if it works at all, there are a couple things that need to be said first! The supplement industry is like every other industry just trying to make money and not necessarily trying to help you. The claims they make on the packages are most of the times either false claims or extremely exaggerated. There is no LEGAL supplement on the market, that will help you build 10lbs of muscle in only 4 months. Illegal drugs and steroids might be different, and are not addressed in this post.

Do supplements help at all? Yes they do, they can be really beneficial, BUT they do not make up for bad nutrition or bad training. If you are not giving it your best at the gym, you can drink gallons of protein shakes a day and the only result you will see is your waist circumference going through the roof. If your nutrition and your training are not on point, there is no need to take supplements. Supplements, at the end of the day, make about 0.1% of your gains and 99,9% of your gains are made by eating, training and resting right.

You need to know that the supplement company is just trying to make money and not helping you, that there are a lot of supplements out there that will not bring any benefit or are just a waste of money, and that supplements do not make up for bad nutrition or training!

If you are interested in what I have to say and would like me to review or give my opinion on a certain supplement, make sure you follow my blog and let me know in the comment section! 🙂