Hello everyone,

I am happy that you made it to my blog. I am curious how you found my blog, so why  don’t you leave a comment and tell me how you found my blog.

In this entry I want to briefly explain what content you can expect on this blog. If you have questions about me, check out the side “About”, and find out more about me.

I am the opinion that I gained quite some knowledge about training and nutrition during my years of training and my major Human Nutrition. Friends and family often ask me: “Which foods are good and which foods are bad?”
“How should I train to lose weight?”
“What supplements should I take?”
“I am in pain here and there what should I do?”

I am more then willing to help everyone with their questions, but answering those questions over and over again gets a little annoying. A while ago I started an Instagram account, which you can access on the home screen by clicking the little icon at the top, to show my friends and family what I eat. This helped a little bit, but did not answer all the question. Now I decided to open up a blog, to share my experiences with anybody. So what will I discuss on this blog? Well, here is a list:

-Plant based diets
-Training for beginners and advanced people
-Training systems/programs
-Training related pain and how to fix it

If you ever have any question which are not answered on this blog, or where you want me to expend on, just send me an email to: lukas.eats@gmail.com or contact me directly through the contact on this website.

I would appreciate if you leave comments, so I can improve my blog constantly!